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January 26, 2013
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MM: Nadeko Kotomine by marumimi MM: Nadeko Kotomine by marumimi

MM: Nadeko Kotomineby marumimi

Manga & Anime / Digital Media / Drawings©2013-2014 marumimi



■ 13/02/2013 - Complete revamp on Nadeko's design. HER HAIR WAS BOTHERING ME SO MUCH ASJKFGASJFAS
■ 29/03/2013 - Rank up + new persona
■ 14/04/2013 - New R3 artwork
■ 18/05/2013 - Rank up!
■ 01/10/2013 - Rank up! + Revamp :new:


[Full Name:] - Nadeko Kotomine

[Age:] - 16 years

[Birthday:] - August 13th ( Leo )

[Height:] - 4'11'' ( 150cm )

[Weight:] - 88lbs ( 40kg )

[Gender:] - Female

[Nationality:] - Japanese with Russian heritage

[Year Level:] - 1st year ( 1 - A )

[Weapon:] - Pair of custom bladed tonfas :new:
■ Her father is known for being addicted to weapons of every kind and traditional japanese culture, as so he was gifted a pair of bladed tonfas by a very close friend, who is a professional blacksmith and crafts custom blades as collection items. Seeing that Nadeko has gotten stronger ever since he started to train her, he decided to pass the twin weapons to her; of course, advising her only to use them in case of emergencies.

[Persona:] - YATSUFUSA
■ Nadeko finally starts to accept trying to see the world by different perspectives, and she's still pretty much trying to learn how to deal with that ( Hence Yatsufusa's arcana, Hanged Man: new begginings, sacrifice, acceptance. ) That pretty much explains Yatsufusa's "baby"-like and naive appearence: She is just a puppy trying to be a lone wolf.

[RANK 6 | HP: 19/19 | SP 14/14 | Ailment boost | Invig 2 | Regen 2 | Endure ]

:bulletyellow: Foolish Whisper: 25% chance of inflicting the Silence ailment on all enemies.
:bulletyellow: Poison Mist: 25% chance of inflicting the Poison ailment on all enemies.
:bulletyellow: Masukukaja: Increases all allies' Dodge Range by 10 for 3 turns.
:bulletyellow: Full analysis: Reveal one enemy's HP, SP, Rank, Passive Skills, Strengths, and Weaknesses all in one use.
:bulletwhite: Ailment boost: Add an extra 10 to the number range of all status ailment infliction changes.
:bulletwhite: Regenerate 2: Recovers 1.5 HP at the start of your turn. Does not happen on extra turns, counter attacks, or when receiving damage.
:bulletwhite: Invigorate 2: Recovers 1.5 SP at the start of your turn. Does not happen on extra turns, counter attacks, or when receiving damage.
:bulletwhite: Endure: Survive being knocked unconscious once per battle with 1 HP remaining.

[Arcana:] - The Fool ( 0 )
"The fool always expects something new to happen, unaware of his surroundings and his imminent fall".

[Arcana Rank:] - Rank 6 :bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue:

[Suit:] - Pentacles

[Personality:] -
■ Don't let her cute appearence trick you. She is actually very harsh, and is not afraid of being... "not so very friendly".
■ She CAN be friendly too, if you are lucky enough. If you insist enough with being nice to her, she may correspond it a bit. Chances are remote, but they exist. Don't misunderstand that to attachment, though.
■ Be aggressive to her, and she won't mind. But be aggresive to something she is attached to, and you will experience hell on earth. Physically and mentally.
■ Just because she is quiet most of the time, it doesn't mean she isn't planning/thinking of something. You may never know what crosses through her mind...
■ You may even think that she is shy, but she is not. She simply lacks interest and hates wasting time and effort.
She never speaks much, usually just nodding or shaking her head when someone makes a question to her, or using less words possible.
■ She is just as indiferent to friendly people as she is to insults. If you insult her, 90% of chances she will just ignore you and leave you speaking by yourself. Same goes for people trying to get close.
■ She prefers to do things herself, and will never rely on others people's help, unless if REALLY needed. She has a hard time trusting others, for some reason.

■ Recently, she is being more outspoken and being able to to have nice chats every now and then. She finally decided to be "social." :new:
■ After reflecting a lot upon her actions and previous experiences, she is finally willing to trust others, even if it is still a bit hard. :new:
■ Socialization started to hinder her sociopath tendencies considerably, now she is friendlier and less self-centered. :new:

+ Strawberries
+ Cinnamon cookies
+ Pastel colors ( especially green and pink )
+ Small animals
+ The sound of rain
+ Pastries
+ Puzzle games
+ Videogames ( especially JRPGs )

- Spicy food
- Pork and fish
- Indecisive people
- Loud/Obnoxious noises
- When people touch her hair ( She SERIOUSLY dislikes this )
- To do things against her will
- Blood

Calm and collected: Indiferent of how bad situations are, she tries to stay calm and think properly. You almost never will see her panicking. Also, her patience is enourmous and she acts well under pressure.
Strategist: She always plans her actions and prepares 3 or more effective ways to solve her problems. She is always 3 steps ahead, and can read others easily.
Satisfied with herself: She is confident when it comes to her tastes and preferences. She wouldn't change much about herself. Insult her by what she is, and she won't mind you.
Agile: She is really fast, and the fact that she is a really small person makes it even more difficult to hit her. Her jumping skills are also well developed.
Strong-minded: She is determined and knows what she wants. Once she starts doing something, she will do whatever she can to take it to the end.
Adaptable: When dealing with new environments and people, she can easily adapt to them. She can read everything around her easily and elaborate efficient ways to deal with them.

Insecure of her surroundings: She is strong-minded and decided when it comes to herself, but not about others. She is always alert, and expects bad things to happen. Literally a pessimist.
Trust Issues: She avoids trusting anyone until they prove to her they are reliable and loyal. And that takes several tries...
Terrible at expressing her true feelings: Her "not so very social" nature makes it hard for her to express what she really feels sometimes. She tries to be friendly too, but fails pathetically...
Bad loser: When you break her gigantic charisma, you will have to deal with childish tantrums and etc. She becomes fragile once proven to be wrong, what she really hates.
Sharp tongue: She never talks much, but when she does, she is not afraid of speaking her mind and being rude if necessary. She likes to be OVERLY objective.
Lacks brute force: Her attacks never deal considerable damage and her strenght isn't what you can call even "regular", so she is forced to focus on speed and defense.

Nadeko was raised by a single father, with who she shares a strong and close bond. She grew op without a mother ever since her birth, due to her dying out of birth complications.
Even though her father works in the army and would constantly be absent, he would still do whatever he could to make sure that Nadeko would grow up healthy and happy. After all, she was now everything he has left, and he is everything she has.
To compensate her father for all his hard work, she would always take care of the house and try her best as school. Problem is, she was so focused on that, that she never paid attention to socialization. Also, she always secretly blamed herself for her mother's death, what made her be somewhat "closed" to her surroundings and scared of getting attached to other people.
Finally graduated from middleschool, her father was still willing her to have a bright future. Seeking for the best preparation and education around, and a safer place where they could live, he sent her to Higashimori High School and moved to Kirimori... Unaware of the true "potential" she would come to possess, waiting to be revealed.

■ She has waifu powers (she cleans, cook and does other chores just like a housewife, for real). :iconsparklesplz:
■ The easiest way to get on her good side is to bribe her with food, especially sweets.
■ She is a creature incapable of romance.
■ Keeps an old photo of her mother from before she was born between her books. She is extremely alike to her.
■ Her father usually calls her during embarassing situations to see how she is (lol).
■ Tends to wear jackets/vests/sweaters that are one or two sizes bigger than her.
■ She is good at remembering places/faces.
■ Surprisingly enough, she can sing quite well.
■ Owns a fat cat named Nobunaga.

[Social links:]
★ WIP ★

[Inventory / Savings Account / Piggybank:]
■ Current balance / Piggybank:…
■ Inventory:
:iconmmhealthpotion: x 1
:iconmmmarastaff: x 2
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