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March 8
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AA: Nene D. Lee by marumimi AA: Nene D. Lee by marumimi

AA: Nene D. Leeby marumimi

Scraps©2014 marumimi


dying whale noises o)-< hoping to join with frand
excuse that weirdo she's an ass

EDIT: Drew her again, since the previous art was lazy and bothered me to no end :iconhttgplz:


██ P R O F I L E .
[Name:] Nene Dufort Lee

[Age:] 18 y/o

Female ♀


Bisexual; but probably leaning towards women (??????)

Wants to become a famous coreographer at some point

167.5cm || 5'6''

55kg || 121 lbs

Zoroark #571
██ B I O .

■ Will tease and pull pranks on anyone who she finds "cute"
■ Her smile is naturally evil even when she is trying to look nice
■ Constantly wears her mask when not at classes/work to creep people out
■ Will probably cause hallucinations to any person that stares at her eyes when she feels angry ;

[House:] West district; House 6; Housing with Shortbread P. Bo

[Job:] Part-time attendant at a Music Store

■ Mischievous - If there is anything she likes the best, is to trouble others for her own amusement. Of course, inside of a few limits, she isn't exactly mean-natured
■ Caring - Will help and care for anyone she considers a friend
■ Laid-Back - Responsibilities aren't her forte, and she likes to take on things at her 'own pace'
■ Optimistic - Clings hard to the "If there is a will, there is a way" belief
■ "World-against-me" attitude - She isn't very fond of criticism and will take it negatively ALWAYS
■ Empathic - When not pulling pranks on others, she will be comprehensive and trying to find ways to help the ones that come at her for comfort

✔ To pull pranks on others;
✔ To watch the reactions of other people;
✔ Music;
✔ Dancing and Martial arts in general;
✔ Jazz and pop music with strong beats;
✔ Winning;
✔ Shiny things and neon lights.

✘ People who take her pranks too seriously;
✘ Grumpy people;
✘ Waiting in queues;
✘ To have nothing to do;
✘ How sensible her ears are;
✘ Onions and Tomatoes;
✘ Clingy people.

Born to a Lopunny (father) and a Zoroark (mother) in Lumiose, her family never passed through any economical difficulty, but wasn't rich either. As an only child, she was kind of spoiled- but not enough to turn her into an arrogant person. She is very close to her parents, since both were always open and comprehensive towards her.
As a family of gijinkas in the middle of a big city, they had to deal with occasional negligency by part of the humans, but it was nothing violent and didn't bother any of them deeply. As a kid, Nene would be sometimes picked on by other kids for her fox-like features and illusionary powers that would let loose whenever she threw a childish tantrum, but she never became resentful towards humans because of that. There were still humans and other Gijinkas willing to be friends with her after all. Overall, her childhood and early teen years went by smoothly.
As soon as she was about to start her second year highschool, both her parents received a letter from Ataraxia Academy, what of course caught their eye, since it would be the best to send her to a place where she could interact with more gijinkas like her, and stay away from any possible harm she could go through in Lumiose. 
Taking a while to agree with her parents' decision, she was finally sent to Ataraxia Academy to resume her studies.

■ Has a tattoo that covers almost her back's left side.
■ Has a good relationship with her whole family, overall. Especially her mother and uncle.
■ Feels uncomfortable dating younger people so if you're younger, you're safe
■ In all honesty, would rather marry a woman than a man.
■ Knows how to play bass guitar and drums.
■ Her grades are surprisingly high.
■ Is often more active at night than day.

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Sammsy-Chan Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sheeeee's sooo pretttyy <33 I friggin love Zoroark! <333 

We need to rp sometime darling! 
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DAYUMMM she is so fineee fffffffffff can we make our bbys friends or something 
marumimi Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014
ehhhh thank you bby///// akjhgfa

lmao sure why not, Nene is everyone's friend //KICKED
I just hope she doesn't annoy your bby lmao ;
MirrorTree Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Pffft no Nene would probably more like get annoyed with her lololololol I'm sure she and Gracie will get along fine ee they'd probably like pull pranks on people together or team up and tease people ee
They're actually quite alike they can be budss :iconvoldemortcryplz:
Daymmmm If only Gracie was a year younger they could have been roomies No-one wants to share a house with her</stike> I don't blame them tbh because she's a poo Uuwuwuu
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Thank you~ 
But I don't think my art skills are as good as yours.
keirui Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
omq--// ahh ur oc is amazing omgg
aww i love her back story q 3q
hffhuff--// i was wondering if my any chance my oc, celeste the jirachi, could house with your oc if i do make it in lel ;; u;;
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